The media paints an ugly picture when it comes to the escorts in the escort industry.

Websites like or DON’T HELP. In fact they hurt our industry as a whole, but no one hurts the escort industry more than American media.

escorts as business people and frankly HUMANS lead pretty normal lives
Escorts as business people and frankly HUMANS lead pretty normal lives.

Apparently, according to the “media”, the escort industry is made up of solely drug addicts, the abused, mentally inept, unguided teens, disease ridden, desperate, homeless women, gay/transgendered, trafficked children, and PIMPS. When in actuality nothing could be further from the truth! Because hey, this is news! Right? Not exactly.

I love how quickly the media reports the news! It’d be even better if the news they were reporting was true.

Escorts are NOT prostitutes nor are they street hookers – period!

Sure, there are parts of Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and even wholesome small towns where you can roll up on a street hooker and ask “how much for a blow job?” or “what can I get for $20?”. Try this same scenario with a professional escort or even a halfway professional escort and see how fast you’re blacklisted or simply left standing there like an IDIOT. And rightfully so.

The truth is, with a real escort, you probably wouldn’t have even made it as far as a face to face meeting.

What the media fails to report is the REAL news behind the escort industry! Because it just might seriously bore you.

The real news is, is that escorts as business people and frankly HUMANS lead pretty normal lives. Coming from all different backgrounds and class types, over the age of 21, are not alcohol or substance abusers ,(I hear mostly about clients that love “party favors” though), came from whole families where they were NOT abused or raped. Just normal ladies, gents and those beautifully in between that decided to do something a bit unconventional with their career choices and in many ways take control of their lives.

The life of an escort is nothing like the movie Pretty Woman or Girlfriend experience (OMG please how loud can you scream BULLSHIT). Nor is it like a scene from a blaxploitation films like The Mack or HBO’s Pimps Up Hoes Down.

The American Media wants viewers to believe that escorts live a dangerous hardcore like as seen in The Mack. A classic blaxploitation film.
The American Media wants viewers to believe that escorts live a dangerous hardcore life. One which is similar to as scene in The Mack, a classic blaxploitation film. Image courtesy of

Can these situations happen? Yes, and I’m sure they do everyday (well maybe not the Pretty Woman part), but as a whole, unfortunately it isn’t as harsh or as glamorous as the media would like to portray because that really isn’t news. It can be exciting at times, but overall, its pretty boring and pretty normal.

Here are my personal Escort Industry Stats from my 15+ years in the escort industry:

  • 2 Pimps Encountered over the phone (one wanted me to build and market his website and the other wished to buy advertising)
  • 15-20 escort ladies with Degrees of BA or higher
  • 30+ Men who refused to be screened by the agency I worked with
  • 10-20 Men that attempted to use fake screening information
  • 1 Provider which left the escort industry for the “Pretty Woman” scenario (unfortunately she was back in less than a year).
  • 300-500+ ID verified providers which advertised on one of my escort directories or worked with an agency I was associated with.
  • 1-3 Escort Providers which were audibly drunk or under a controlled substance.
  • 15-20 escorts which were single mothers.
  • 100+ which were checked for STD’s every 3-6 months
  • 2 escorts which were taking care of their elderly parents financially.
  • 2 escorts which were yoga instructors
  • 2 escorts which claimed a client abused them.
  • 6-10 Clients (verified) which were audibly drunk or under a controlled substance.
  • 7-10 Escorts or escort agencies which most likely generated $30k+ per month in income
  • 90% of escorts or escort agencies which I associated with screened clients using an online verification method. The others used their own methods of screening.

I can go on and on but the stats honestly are not as thrilling, glamorous or rough as the media portrays for a real escort or even a GFE Escort. Most likely due to the strict screening process, which as you can see MOST strongly implement.

I’ve worked with Chicago Escorts, Los Angeles Escorts, New York City EscortsWashington D.C Escorts, etc., etc., over the span of 15+ years and the above stats are pretty much the escort industry standard.

The bottomline is, there is a HUGE DIFFERENCE between prostitution and escorting. Most “escorts” are aware of at least the basics when it comes to the law in their state. Therefore, certain measures have been put in place, in our industry to insure escorts remain on the abiding side of the law for their state or county.

If escorts know nothing at all, they know (despite what’s seen in some seedy parts of town) prostitution is ILLEGAL in the US with the exception of a few counties located OUTSIDE of Las Vegas and Reno city limits.

The state of Nevada is the only jurisdiction in the United States where prostitution is permitted. Strictly regulated brothels operate legally in isolated rural areas, away from the majority of Nevada’s population. Prostitution is illegal in the following counties: Clark (which contains Las Vegas), Washoe (which contains Reno), Douglas, and Lincoln. Prostitution is also illegal in Nevada’s capital, Carson City, an independent city. The rest of Nevada’s counties are permitted by state law to license brothels, but only eight counties have done so. As of December 2017, there are 21 brothels in Nevada.

Despite there being a legal option, the vast majority of prostitution in Nevada takes place illegally in Reno and Las Vegas. About 66 times more money is spent by customers on illegal prostitution in Nevada than in the regulated brothels.

If you’d like to date an escort – yes I used the word “date”, your best bet would be to get familiar with local escort agencies in your area.

Keep in mind an ESCORT IS NOT A PROSTITUTE! If you’re hell bent on getting that $20 handy tonight or a cheap quick lay, ESCORTS ARE NOT FOR YOU.

If you’ve never dated an escort before be prepared to screen. You may have to submit some personal information to insure the agency you’re not a psychopath or a member of law enforcement. Your information will be kept private.

If you don’t like the idea of submitting your personal information to an escort agency, you may choose to submit your information to or (known throughout the industry as RS2K). There will be fees involved, however, you will only have to submit your information once. You will indeed need to keep up with your membership fees. Both services are very reputable and trusted. My preference is RS2K. The ladies there are very, very sweet and extremely helpful.

The escort industry comes packed with all kinds of folks. In general good folks. But more importantly as you can see from my personal escort industry stats, they don’t exactly echo what the media is portraying.

Each victim of this industry needs to be heard and needs to be protected. I don’t think anyone’s debating that. The truth is in the stats. I have no reason to lie.

The truth is, MOST of the people I have worked with that are in the escort industry are normal, happy, healthy, honest ,(for the most part), consenting ADULTS.

Taking it one step further, most of the women I have had the pleasure of working with over my 15+ years in the escort industry have really awesome relationships with their clients. Deep, emotional fruitful relationships. Many clients and escorts are friends- go figure.

If you’re new to the escort industry as a hobbyists I highly suggest these reputable agencies:

Chicago Area: Chicago Wet N Wild