Escorting Laws

Prostitution vs. Escorting

A prostitute is someone that has sex for money plain and simple.

Some type of sexual favor will need to be provided, and the prostitute will require money for those services. The person generally just pays for the services rendered nothing more nothing less. Most prostitution agreements are for a very short period of time such as an hour. They are not generally booked for days at a time.

An escort is completely different.

An escort is hired for an extended period of time such as several hours and even days. An escort is expected to be attractive and presentable in public. They are often used to stand-in as a date for specific functions or entertainment for an evening. Escorts are paid for their time and their company and sexual favors are not included as part of their package. Some escorts will go as far as to offer a massaged or cuddle, but sexual favors would cross the line into illegal territory.

It is illegal for any individual to offer or receive money for sexual favors. A simple agreement is enough to prove the attention and you could be arrested for it.

It is important to get legal representation as soon as you find out that you may be facing prostitution charges. It is rather common for an escort to be arrested by accident as a prostitute and you will need legal representation to make sure that none of the information ever appears on your record. There are a lot of details that have to be followed in order to make a legal arrest for prostitution, so it is crucial to have the backing of solid legal representation.


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